andrew parris

//...there could be snakes

Golden State Warriors
Art Direction & Logo Design for NBA Team. Studio: Elite Edge
Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare
Art Direction and Design for Multi-Player Rollout. Studio: gnet for Activision
Destiny 2 Mnemonic
Art Direction and Design for an A-Title Game Release. Studio: gnet for Activision
ESPN College Basketball - Gameday Open
All 3D animation. Lead Compositing. Studio: Troika
ESPN Major League Baseball
Design for ESPN Major League Baseball Rebrand. Studio: Big Block
ESPN Major League Baseball 02
Design and Animation for ESPN Major League Baseball Rebrand. Studio: Big Block
AT&T Sportsnet
Design for AT&T Regional Sports Network. Studio: Troika
Chevy Bolt Launch
GM Launch videos for all new EV. All Animation and Compositing Agency: Tool
CBS Sports - Super Bowl 50
Design for Super Bowl 50. Studio: Troika
CBS Sports - Rebrand
Design & Animation for CBS Sports Rebrand. Studio: Troika
Jacksonville Jaguars
All Design, Modeling, Texture, Lighting, Render & Composite. Studio: Troika
NBA on ESPN - 3D Logo Design/Animation [part 1]
3D logo design and look development for the NBA on ESPN/ABC. All 3D Modeling, texturing, lighting, look development, animation and compositing. Studio: Prologue
NBA on ESPN - 3D Logo Design/Animation [part 2]
[part 2] NBA logos for ESPN/ABC. 3D design, concept, look development, modeling, texture, lighting, animation, rendering and all compositing. Studio: Prologue.
NBA on ESPN - Main Logo Design
Main logo 3D design, look development, modeling, texture/shading, lighting, animation, render and composite. Studio: Prologue
Sunday Night Football on NBC
Concept and Design Pitch for Sunday Night Football on NBC. Studio: King and Country
Design Boards for a UFC on FOX promo. Studio: Nathaniel James
UFC - Jones vs. Cormier
Design boards for UFC Jones vs Cormier. Studio: Nathaniel James
Turner Networks Ad Sales
Design for Turner Network Ad Sales. Studio: Troika
Chosen - Title Design
Opening show title design for an animated show on FX - Chosen. Lovable oaf Chosen is an openly gay, white rapper who is framed and sent to prison. Upon release he sets out on a journey of revenge, redemption and physical conquest. Comedy. concept, art direction, design and illustration. Studio: Roger Design
Design Boards for Ford trucks. Studio: Flavor LA
Audience Network Rebrand
Network Rebrand after being acquired by AT&T Studio: Troika
Hub Network
Art direction & Design. Rebrand Studio: Roger
Hub Network
Art Direction & Design. Rebrand v02 Studio: Roger
Sundance Channel Rebrand
Studio: Roger
SportsNation on ESPN - Curioso
Spanish Version Refresh of SportsNation. Studio: Prologue
SportsNation on ESPN - Guess
Spanish Version Refresh of SportsNation. Studio: Prologue
SportsNation on ESPN - Fanantic
Spanish Version Refresh of SportsNation. Studio: Prologue
History Channel Promo
Design, Art Direction, Animation & Compositing for the History Channel. Studio: Roger
Motorola - Interactive Web Design
Interactive Web Design. Pitch for Government and Public Safety division of Motorola. Studio: Zoic
Southwest Air
Design Pitch. Studio: Buck
History Channel - Titanic at 100
Design Pitch for a show Promo recognizing the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. studio: King And Country
Spike Spotlight
Single frame look/concept for Spike TV show, Spotlight. Studio: Roger Design
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